Trash bin

Usage This trash bins works well at convenient stores,real estate company,office buildings,school,public community,parks ,street etc.

Model : BS45
Size : 1200*380*760mm
Material : Steel/stainless steel
Finishing : Zinc rich primer+ outdoor powder coating for general steel
Powder brand : DuPont/Akzo Nobel
Packing : air bubble film and multilayer kraft paper


This stainless steel gardening waste bins is made from high quality steel materials with durable powder coating, has a strong ability to prevent corrsion, many color is on any requirement. Three buckets with inner container makes it easy for garbage clasification and  recycling, top ashtray available. It can be used alone or arranged together. Stainless steel construction ensures a long usage life, difficult deformation, no cracking, environmental friendly. This waste bin works well at convenient stores, real estate company, office buildings, school, public community, parks, street, etc.