How to maintain outdoor bench


The beautification of the city and the increasing number of outdoor and leisure places, outdoor chairs and stools are the rest places when people are outdoors. Their comfort can directly affect whether we can rest well, so its maintenance is particularly important. The following is to introduce the maintenance methods of all kinds of outdoor chair stools.

Rattan furniture because it is handmade, its surface will have a lot of hidden gray areas, we should first clean up to the surface with a vacuum cleaner, or use a soft brush from the inside out to dust, then wipe with a rag over wet, finally a little soft dry cloth net can be.

Daily maintenance warm hints:

Outdoor rattan chair stool renovation method: first chair stool overall good clean, dry, then use sandpaper to polish the surface of the pergola, restore bright light, then a layer of light oil to protect. There is a new effect.

After the use of the furniture for a period of time, you can use light brine to wipe, so that it can play a certain role in decontamination and insect protection, and can maintain the flexibility of the furniture.

The direct sunlight will fade and dry the rattan furniture, so we should try to avoid direct sunlight.

It is easy to deform, bend, crack, loose and disconnect at high temperature. It should be placed away from the fire source and heat source to avoid long time exposure.

This kind of furniture can be the first to use a feather duster or vacuum cleaners to clean up the dust on the surface again, then clean the slightly wet cotton cloth to wipe it again, and then use dry cloth to wipe dry, finally let the natural wind blowdry.

Daily maintenance warm hints:

This kind of furniture is best to do the dust work once every quarter, and then use professional protective wax to make the maintenance on the surface.

Avoid furniture because of damp and moldy, maintain the ventilation of the furniture, the surface is best covered with dustproof material. At the same time, we should do a good job in pest control.

The above is the maintenance method of the outdoor chair stool introduced by the small editor for you. I hope to help you. If you want to know more about home, please click on the X Group decoration network, more wonderful in the X Group Decoration Net!

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