Park bench shopping guide


The park bench is just a park bench. It shouldn't take a lot of thinking to choose a space suitable for you - or should it be? When you stop and think about it, if you buy a park bench as a gift to others, you are likely to consider the type or style of the bench they want. If someone asks what kind of bench you want to use as a gift, you may think about it carefully.

It should not be particularly difficult to choose the bench, and it should not require extensive research or in-depth analysis. Ask yourself the right questions, and you have a better chance to end a place that suits your needs.

Ask you ten questions

This guide should help you by asking questions about the park bench. When you put it on the list, you will realize that the bench is often not just a place to sit down and rest the foot.

1. is the appearance important? - you may not want an unattractive piece of furniture, even outdoors. Many benches are neither attractive nor attractive; they are just a bench. How can a bench adapt to the landscape may be important sometimes, its attraction or attractiveness is equally important. Sometimes it is necessary to choose the bench according to the degree of its surroundings, which makes the important factors, such as color, material and style, become important. The appearance is not easy to quantify - it depends on you.

2. is it important to be comfortable? Not all the chairs are designed for comfort, but if it's your personal bench, comfort may be important. The bench is made of stone or metal than the stool more comfortable, especially in very cold weather. Slightly curved seats are usually more comfortable than flat seats, and the right rear part with a slightly sloping way is more comfortable than the vertical rear part, or the rear part is too low.

3. is it important to be durable? - in this case, you want to ask yourself if you want a bench that can last for a couple of years or a lifetime. Few will last a lifetime, but a solid workbench should have at least 20 to 30 years.

4. is it a factor to beautify the environment? In a big park, beautifying the environment may not be an important factor for you to choose. But in a manor or a small garden, what kind of style or type of benches can best be designed by landscape design. Try to imagine how to place a workbench type or style in the position you choose, or to find an example.

5. do you need to sit one, two or more? - find a bench with at least two people sitting comfortably. Even if you don't want to share it with others (you never know when you're suddenly possible), the extra space is always good. For three or more people, instead of bending straight stool is a good choice, especially if they sat by the fire.

6. plastic, metal or wood? - regenerative plastic benches tend to be strong and durable. A bench made of recycled plastic is usually more durable than wood and requires minimal maintenance. You can buy a metal bench made of aluminum or steel. Some are coated with thermoplastic. Steel plates are usually coated with powder. Usually the traditional wooden, as you would expect, the park is very suitable, but also suitable for outdoor environment.

7. portable or fixed? - most of the benches are portable. However, you may need a bench as permanent fixtures or bolts fixed to the concrete.

8. would you like to sit or sit back? - sit on a bench, especially for a long time, and need back. A bench purchased as a landscape feature does not necessarily require a back, nor is it mainly used for rest or meditation.

Is the 

9. bench a gift or a souvenir? - the benches purchased as gifts often require a certain degree of thinking to determine what type or style the recipient likes. If you buy a bench as a souvenir, such as a spouse or close friend, style and durability will be the key factor, and wood is usually the choice of material.

How much does the 

10. work table cost? - the price of a bench is usually between $100 and $400, but it is expected to pay more for the highest quality wooden benches.

Now you have everything you need to choose the right park bench for your space. However, a picture is worth more than a thousand words, and looking at a variety of different styles and types of pictures should help you completely determine what you want.