Use of the bulletin board


The bulletin board refers to the display items that are placed in a place where the people are very popular, and the bulletin board program is used to post the presentation of public documents, notices, revelations and other suggestive contents. Generally divided into two types, one is a large bulletin board, the main gate erected on the main road, etc., for a wide range of notice; one is the enterprise unit, the bulletin board or the class bulletin board, general paste or hanging on the wall, to inform the small scope, etc.. It is also a way of interaction and publicity, and the bulletin board also becomes a kind of image and culture of the company, enterprise, institution and school.

Chongqing Jing Teng Real Estate Co., Ltd. purchased a batch of bulletin boards in our company in the middle of 12 2016. Our company made the installation in December, got the approval of Jing Teng Real Estate Co., Ltd. and looked forward to our next cooperation.