Selection of materials for garbage cans


1. The plastic garbage bin is easy to be processed and easy to clean. It is suitable for indoor use. In the outside, there is a requirement for the material: it is not easy to age.

2. The outdoor use of stainless steel trash can not be corroded by rain, but it may be stolen by thieves.

3, ceramic garbage bin ceramics have been the pronouns of high-grade products. Ceramic sanitary ware is easy to clean, and the surface finish is high, giving people the feeling of high quality.

4. The texture of wood garbage can be well coordinated with the environment.

5. The benefits of cement trash can be fixed, there is no problem of stolen (a lot of the city's stainless steel trash can be stolen)

6, pulp trash cans are used in 08 Olympic venues in China. They use such trash cans as "ceramic", "plastic" and "non recyclable", and print "good luck Beijing". This kind of renewable paper is very strong and very environmentally friendly. There are about 140 such trash cans in the museum.

7. Metal garbage cans, usually made of steel, have high durability and can be recycled in the future. The disadvantage of iron and steel is that it is easy to rust, usually by removing oil and rust first, and then baking paint to strengthen the rust resistance of steel in outdoor use.

8. The steel frame of steel and wood garbage can be decorated with wooden bars outside. Now it is also useful to replace solid wood with plastic wood or green wood.

9, glass steel trash glass steel trash, the general quality of glass fiber and imported synthetic resin coloring of its high strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, no deformation under the sun, UV resistant, easy cleaning, convenient operation, garbage collection capacity, durability and long service life, no peel bucket theft and recovery value.