Danish trash can: "moist and silent" for environmental protection


When I read this passage, I can not help but sigh with emotion, tears, it makes me feel deeply, what is the heart to maintain a dignity of others, also let me understand why, "the fairy kingdom of Denmark is a country with the highest in the world of happiness, but also let me have a curious, want to see the trash of Denmark, what are the characteristics, difference, why people can feel the power of respect.

Therefore, I refer to the Danish Ministry of foreign affairs website and related news reports, this let me open a new world: the original trash in Denmark is more than just a small barrel. In fact they are with the city changes, the development of the society, the needs of the people in constant evolution, in the update.

For instance:

Only about 5400000 people in the "bicycle kingdom" of Denmark, the number of bicycles more than 4 million 200 thousand vehicles, nearly 90% people have bicycles, the per capita rate is the highest in the world. Infrastructure in Denmark has been generally adjusted to meet the needs of cycling. Various initiatives provide the most direct reason for the Danish people to choose bicycles instead of walking, which is quick and convenient. They also support environmental protection while keeping fit and saving money.

Many Nordic countries carry out garbage sorting. In order to achieve their goals more effectively, drinks are first collected at the time of purchase, which is a cash bottle deposit. If they are sent to the recycling machine or returned to the seller after they are finished, the deposit can be retrieved. Denmark is no exception, but even so, many people are still lazy, throwing bottles directly into the trash cans. It is estimated that more than 100 million Danish Krona drinks bottles will be abandoned each year.

So these bottles became the junkmen baby, often see a tramp or scavengers reach into bins these bottles. Reminds me of the story of "30 cm" in dignity, "a bare chested young, almost hanging in the dustbin, to rummage, but nothing, so he climbed into the trash, picked up a few bottles come out after."

The Danish government has launched a new trash on the street, these new trash very humane, taking into account the junkmen figure is not too high, the trash reduced height of 30 cm, but also specially designed, convenient for them, then there is no need to roll up their sleeves reaching into the trash dirty look Aquarius.

Don't look down on this minor change. Its original intention is simple - let the people collect the bottles more easily and easily pick up the bottles. And behind it, it has greater significance. This small improvement can greatly increase the number of Danish bottles, and the small details and environmentally-friendly Danish government has acted again.