How to choose a hotel trash can


There are all kinds of trash cans on the market. When you pick up trash cans, do you know that the basic production of trash cans is regular, and the different types of trash cans are also used differently?

Now the trash cans on the market are generally divided into: steel plate (stainless steel), baking paint, trash cans (also called spray plastic), FRP trash cans (inorganic and organic), plastic trash cans, environmental protection boards, trash cans, steel wood trash cans, cast iron trash cans, cast aluminum trash cans, etc. These kinds of trash can be placed outside the hotel lobby or outside, because the material is not afraid of the sun and not afraid of the rain.

Often seen plastic trash cans: the use of large injection molding machine mold production of garbage cans, generally according to the large and medium size of the three models to classify. What is worth mentioning is how to distinguish the quality of the plastic trash can. If the plastic particles are not doped with waste plastic, but using the original plastic, the quality must be very good. Then we will see the structure of the trash can. If the trailer trash bin asks for the thickening of the barrel edge, the mesh should be the best, the front line should be strengthened, the bottom should be equipped with anti friction nails, etc.

How do you choose a good plastic trash can when you buy it? In the purchase, try to choose the shallowly colored trash can, such as yellow, light blue, etc. These colors are not well doped with two materials. It will be beautiful to put them in the lobby of the lobby of the hotel.