The road flower box is very popular with people


Because road flower boxes can quickly become landscapes and combinations of flower boxes, and adapt to the requirement of urban greening with small amount of land, people are more and more popular in the form of greening. It will become the main theme of urban vertical greening in the future.

In order to improve the city's ecological environment, the diversity of individual development in the form of city greening, vertical greening form to solve the traditional occupation and planting on land issues, combined with the practical work, relying on the flower box from the green belt came into being, our little "street flower box" and therefore play an important role.

All flower boxes and flower boxes are segregated in specifications and sizes. For example, in the central isolation of roads, the width of flower boxes can not exceed 50cm, otherwise they will occupy the driveway and impede the circulation of incoming and downstream vehicles. And the way of linking is also specific requirements or circumstances to see what kind of flower boxes will be used again. Our comprehensive consideration in many aspects will bring unexpected benefits to the quarantine of flower boxes.

The China ancient traditional culture by way of non isolated flower box pass out, but also beautify our environment while highlighting the traditional culture, various types of vehicles from the roadside tail gas absorption, as a duty to protect the environment.