How do you choose the sun umbrella? Here's a guide!


Sun umbrella: a kind of outdoor products, mainly used to cover direct sunlight and umbrellas blocking rainwater. It is easy to carry and can avoid various problems when it is used. It can be seen on many occasions (supermarket doorway, temporary sales area, campus, etc.). Today, shopping is very convenient, the sun umbrella is not difficult to find, how to face so many choices? Brand: small understand customer psychology, find trusted brand can avoid all sorts of problems; Feng rain the product quality is good, there are a lot of customers come to the consultation, even if the price is not stable shipments is not reduced. Size: 46 inch, 48 Inch, 52 Inch, 56 inch, 60 inch, different size parachute surface diameter is different. (46 inch diameter, 48 Inch 2.2m 52 Inch Diameter 2.4m, diameter 2.6m, diameter of 56 inch 2.8m, 60 inch diameter 3.0m (210D) material: umbrella cloth tape, 420D tape, silver silver 210D Oxford cloth, Oxford cloth, umbrella (420D) paint iron bracket, KINGBOX, quality guaranteed (skeleton) umbrella cloth tearproof, umbrella can wind). Printing: can be selected in the umbrella cloth printing, as an advertising carrier, to create a promotional environment for the promotion of products. In printing, it depends on whether the content is clear and realistic, and it can be printed for you in the simple or complex content of the rain. (printing an additional fee, the number of the average price of cheap umbrella) other: see how its accessories are complete, quality, easy opening and closing is used, whether you can make special requirements.