The advantage of WPC park bench


Wood began booming in China since 2006, because of cost considerations, the common raw materials are polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC materials, with more than 35%-70% of the wood flour, rice husk, straw and other waste plant fiber mixed into new wood materials after high temperature extrusion, molding, injection molding and other plastic processing technology and production of wood plastic composite board. These materials are mainly used in the floor, fence, logistics packaging and other industries.

The difference between wood engraved outdoor park chair Ya of its material and the wood plastic composite board is used: 100% high purity polyethylene (HDPE), from raw materials to production of molding a wood powder not stagger or other filling materials, the maximum of maintain the superior performance of PE materials, in terms of smoothness, toughness, texture. The fade rate is far more than the general service life of wood adding wood powder.