The community along the river road has an outdoor leisure chair


Along the River Road community outdoor leisure chair installed, residents from the shade sit "rotten stool", but also carry out the "e" in history.

The community along the river road is an old and old community. The majority of the residents in the area are the original seven spun workers and retired employees. In the yard, there were no chairs in the yard, and some of the residents did it themselves. They picked up the leftover materials to piece together a simple bench. Urumqi Evening News "was informed of this situation to visit Hui Ju work team and Yanhelu community staff visited the home, after consultation and communication, field reconnaissance site, the team put this matter in the annual" service for the people practical good "project.

The "visiting poly" team has been actively striving for the special Huimin fund, and has purchased 30 sets of outdoor park chairs with beautiful appearance, rain proof and rotten resistance, and installed outdoor park chairs with community staff.

The 79 year old Zhou Xiuying said, usually go out to enjoy the cool air, but also to carry a small stool, want to have a rest is not a place to sit back from the outside. Now with these leisure chairs, it is convenient for everyone to improve the overall environment and image of the community.

Leisure chair at the River Road community take on an altogether new aspect, director Chen Wanchun said: "the visit Hui Ju 'team to come along the road of the community, actively assist the community to do the maintenance of stability and service work for the masses, to play their own advantages, do publicity, mutual aid, and jointly promote the harmony and stability and national unity of community good situation.