Manufacturing process of outdoor wooden flower planter



The flower box is generally placed outdoors, exposed to the weather will have to ensure its durability, how? It should start from the material and processing technology, we are specializing in the production and operation of horticultural flower box, according to our years of experience to share production process. Making 

  1. flower planter first with the metal pipe or steel welding shape, exterior wood, such as the construction of houses. First with reinforced fixed type, in a tile. In this flower box structure, add enough soil or by repeated diversion or squeezed will not change and loose. If making a flower box of pure solid wood structure, for to ensure the robustness, should use wire or screw the wood mosaic.

  2.  forming, is the flower box flower planting, inside the first glass steel anti-corrosion treatment, soil and wood and metal that does not directly contact and rot Glass steel corrosion, and the number of single wood cement as a whole. You can also choose to separate the flowerpot made glass steel container to flourish to the soil planting. This quality will be better. But can not use white metal containers, because it is very easy to be corroded.

  3. The assembly of the flower box is not recommended assembled at the construction site, to ensure the structure of outdoor flower box solid and stable. The product should be assembled in the factory, because the site does not have sufficient conditions of production.